Geometry Dash Meltdown

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What is Geometry Dash Meltdown


If you like challenging adventures, then Geometry Dash Meltdown will be an attractive game for you. Dangerous traps waiting for you to overcome in this game.

Starting the game you will be immediately attracted by the music that motivates you to overcome all obstacles. The geometric block is starting to move, control this geometric block to avoid all the obstacles on the way. This is a mandatory rule that you must follow to win because when you touch the obstacles you will be broken and have to start the game again. To avoid the approaching obstacles you can slide or jump or fly over to continue to the next stage. Blocks are very fragile, so control them to overcome obstacles skillfully without any collision even the smallest.

In order for you to get used to the game easily you can enter Practice Mode from the pause menu. This mode will allow you to set test points. There are two ways to perform the test, you can set the test manually or use the automatic feature. Once you've checked out, tap the delete button to clear your last checkpoint and start your next new journey.

Game Tips

During the move you will see the green signal columns, take this opportunity to start jumping. Besides you need to note when touching the golden springs they can help you jump higher and farther.

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  • Colorful pictures
  • Exciting sound changes through each stage
  • 3 main stages for you to explore The Seven Seas, Viking Arena, and Airborne Robots
  • Many attractive skins
  • Various interfaces and characters

How to play

  • To jump use the up arrow or left click
  • Z to set checkpoints
  • X to remove the last checkpoint.

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