Heart Star

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What is Heart Star


Heart Star is a team game that requires the skillful combination of two players to reach the final destination. Pass all the levels in the game to win.

In the game, you will control two characters, the red girl and the blue boy. You will not control these two characters at the same time but will control the movement of each character. The red girl will move on the red blocks and the blue boy will move on the blue blocks. Which color block is turned on, the character in that color block is allowed to move, and the remaining color block will just be like air and you can go through. Two characters will meet each other and stand together on purple blocks and more especially meet each other at the torch to complete the level of play and prepare for the next level. Use the power of teamwork to deftly overcome all levels from the easy to the hardest in this game!

Tips game

In many cases, your teammates will act as stairs or blocks. Combine flexibility and take advantage of them to get to your destination with ease.


  • Vivid beautiful graphics
  • Can be played by one or two people
  • Use logic and puzzle skills
  • Many levels for you to explore

How to play

  • "WASD" or ARROW KEYS to Move
  • "C" key to Swap character
  • "X" key to Jump

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