Heli Battle

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What is Heli Battle


Heli Battle is a superb action game. Control your helicopter to collect bullets and kill your rivals by knocking them down or colliding in a higher position.

Collect ammo and use them to shoot down your enemies. Besides that, you can also kill your enemies by crashing into them. Whoever is in the higher position will be the winner. Get 10 points first to gain the final victory!

This game takes you into a world of fighting with helicopters. You need to control your helicopter by pressing and holding the left mouse button or spacebar to move up and down by releasing the button. Note that you will die if you collide with the 2 limit lines above and below the playing field. In addition, your helicopter can only go forward and not backward.

Participate in this action to enjoy the sunset background with the beautiful sky! Have a nice time!

Features of Heli Battle

  • The interesting battle game
  • Get 10 points first to win
  • Beautiful landscape

How to play

  • Press and hold the mouse left button or the spacebar to ascend
  • Release it to descend

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