Helmet Royale

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What is Helmet Royale


HelmetRoyale.io is an exciting battle royale action game that collects various weapons and items on the battlefield to survive. Will you become the last survivor?

Run around the 2D world, and loot for better equipment, armor, and materials! To win the game, take the riches from the chest and eliminate the other players. However, keep an eye out for the enclosing ring, which shrinks the map and increases the chances of encountering other players. Can you make it all the way to the summit and be the last one standing?

HelmetRoyale.io is a fantastic game that combines awesome battle royale action with old 2D visuals. As you play, your character is equipped with a protective helmet.


  • Various objects in chest boxes.
  • Around the map, there are slot machines where you can obtain a random object.
  • There are several weapon options available, including the devastating rocket launcher.
  • Graphics in two dimensions.

How to play

  • Use WASD - Move
  • Use Mouse - Look
  • Use Click - Attack
  • Use F - Pick up items
  • Use Esc - Menu

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