Hero Battle - Fantasy Arena

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What is Hero Battle - Fantasy Arena


Hero Battle - Fantasy Arena is a game that uses the special fighting skills of heroes to fight and survive to the end. Join this fantasy arena now!

Start the game choose your hero and start with a fierce fight. To defeat the Dark Wizard, your goal in the game is to live to the end while fighting hundreds of enemies for the loot! You should invest in defense if you want to survive, it can save your life in the most chaotic times. Besides you need to pay attention to the skills it will become available with time, no matter the character's level. The items on the floor will not disappear, so get them as quickly as possible. Also to avoid the enemy's attack you don't run in a circle because the enemy will get you. Remember that when you are hit by an enemy, your attack speed is increased and the potion restores 40% of your total life. To heal quickly increase your max health. Fight with all your might for an epic match and you are the last survivor.

In the game, you will experience all 11 heroic characters: Archer, Dark Knight, Fire Golem, Ninja, Paladin, Skeleton Hunter, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Sorcerer, Viking, Warrior, and Wizard. Each hero has 4 to 6 distinct skills. Which hero will you choose in this war, let's experience them all to see who is the most powerful hero!


  • Vivid 3D game space
  • Many epic combat skills
  • Discover the special skills of 11 heroes
  • Multiplayer action game

How to play

Play solo: Use WASD keys or Arrow keys to move, and use the mouse or keyboard shortcuts 1, 2, and 3 to select skills to upgrade.

The character will automatically shoot and use skills.

Local PVP play: The summoner uses the mouse to select spells and summon minions and controls similar to the hero.


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