Hero Masters

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What is Hero Masters


Hero Masters is an exciting shooting action game in which you have to eliminate your opponents by becoming a superhero with many different abilities.

In this game, you will have to battle a range of different opponents. You will transform into a true superhero in order to defeat them. Use the special ability of a superhero to exterminate your enemies! At the beginning of this game, you will receive the ability of spiderman who can shoot out spider silk. After completing each level in the game, you'll get access to new heroic abilities. There are 10 different abilities of superheroes and each ability is extremely powerful. However, in order to win, you must alternate between them at all times. Remove all opponents and protect yourself! Let's start and enjoy this game!

Features of Hero Masters

  • Attractive action game
  • 10 different abilities of your character
  • Upgrade skills and unlock new skins

How to play

  • Mouse Click

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