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What is MiniPoly.io


If you like multiplayer gunfights, then MiniPoly.io is the game for you. Join this fascinating game now and destroy all the players you face in the arena.

Entering the game you will be equipped with a machine gun, use this gun to destroy the opponent you meet first. All the people you meet in the arena are your opponents so don't hesitate to see them. If you don't fire first, you will be the one in danger. Going around the school you will see different types of weapons, and use them to destroy opponents, and each time you destroy an opponent, you will receive 100 points. Try to eliminate the most players to get the highest score. Show your shooting skills right now.

Besides attractive gameplay, you will also discover many interesting items in the game. How do you get these items? That's right, you need to collect coins and diamonds during the game. After you have enough money and diamonds you will unlock new hats, and new skins and at the same time you will also get more diverse weapons than shotguns, and pistols,... Train your fast shooting skills. you to get all these useful items.


  • Explore the amazing game space
  • The gun reading of many players participated
  • Fast addictive game pacing
  • Unlock many useful items, upgrade your character
  • Real sound

How to play

  • To move use the WASD
  • To shoot the opponent click
  • To jump use SPACE
  • To change weapon press 1-3

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