Idle Zombie Guard

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What is Idle Zombie Guard


Idle Zombie Guard is an action game to kill zombies. Your task is to perfectly combine with your teammates to stop the zombies that are attacking in waves.

The alert was responded to by the Zombie Guard crew. The zombies attack in waves, and you'll need to work together to stop them. The servers are gonna be destroyed. Protect the servers by activating target weaponry. You must use the points you earn to strengthen both your personal weapons and your turret towers. Remember to go to the "Market" area to upgrade your weapons and acquire an extra life bar. The zombies become more powerful with each wave. The ICE Gun is the only way to stop the Fire Zombies. Win the game by keeping the zombies away from the servers!

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How to play

Player 1:

  • "W, A, S, D" - Move
  • "F" - Hit
  • "G" - Grenade
  • "W"(Walk on the wall) - Jump
  • "Q" - Switch weapon

Player 2:

  • "ARROW KEYS" - Move
  • "L" - Hit
  • "K" - Grenade
  • "UP ARROW KEY" (Walk on the wall) - Jump
  • "P" - Switch weapon

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