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What is iScribble.IO


iScribble.IO is an entertaining arcade game in which you will draw lines freely to relax and compete with other players by crashing into their unclosed lines.

This game provides you with exciting experiences to become a square and draw freely. Drawing everything you like. Draw and build your territory with closed lines. This way is wonderful to reduce stress and have great relaxing moments after days of hard work. In particular, iScribble.IO is suitable for all ages because of its simple mechanics, easy controls, and attractive gameplay. In addition, this game has vivid and eye-catching graphics. You can select your favourite colour for your character.

In this game, you need to draw the line to expand your land. You gain victory when the playing field belongs to you. In order to get this goal, you can crash into the unclosed lines of your opponents to exterminate them. Be careful! Your enemies also crash into you to kill you.

Features of iScribble.IO

  • The intriguing arcade game for multiplayer
  • Draw lines freely to release stress
  • Colorful graphics and superb effects

How to play

  • Slide your mouse to move

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