Milk The Cow

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What is Milk The Cow


Milk The Cow is a fun milking game, join the game with your friends to become the fastest milker. Use the basic key on the same keyboard to start the game.

In the game, manipulate the control keys with maximum speed to fill up the energy bar, when you squeeze 4 buckets of milk, the energy bar is filled. Whoever completes the first 4 buckets of milk will become the winner of this fun cow milking race. The game can be played in 1-player or 2-player mode.

Milk The Cow game, HTML5 Edition, has over 50 million players on the most prominent gaming sites and mobile platforms. Have fun with it.

How to play

1 player mode

Use A/S or J/K to play

2 player mode

Player 1:

  • Use the A/S/DY key

Player 2:

  • Using the J/K/L key

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