Miners Adventure

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What is Miners Adventure


Miners Adventure is a thrilling adventure game where you and your teammates collect items and gems, and together tackle challenges to advance to new lands.

Each player is in charge of a single character, be it his grandfather or granddaughter. This daring pair is on a mission to amass money by digging underground for diamonds and jewels. Both characters have their own set of skills throughout the game, and you must use both to continue through each level. The game is set up with some deadly traps and creatures, and both players must avoid traps and collect as many goods as possible to get to the next level. Work together with your companion to solve the puzzles at each level. Classic images and interesting gameplay, the challenges are not simple. Try to find the answer it's just somewhere around you. Are you ready to embark on this dramatic adventure? Get started now!

This game has multiple keyboard controls, allowing you to play with your friends and family at the same time. Each player takes control of one of two characters: grandpa or his grandson.

Attractive graphics along with classic images
16 levels for you to conquer and explore
Each character has a unique skill to complete the quest
The game is run on all web browsers

How to play

Player 1 controls
Use "WASD" to move
Use F to shoot
Use G to use the whip
T to use key

Player 2 controls
Use "ARROW KEY" to move
Use K to dig
Use L to throw a grenade
T to use key

Double-click the W key or the up arrow key to jump twice


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