Monkey Mart

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What is Monkey Mart


Sell food in the forest

Are you ready to grow a supermarket in Monkey Mart? You will work as an employee at the beginning. When you earn a lot of cash, you will become a monkey boss.

You think that only humans have supermarkets. In fact, there is a big part of the monkey community in the Monkey Mart game. Of course, your customers are only cute monkeys. Your mission isn't only to sell goods on the shelves. In this game, you must move the products to fill the shelves. Moreover, collecting cash from customers is your task. You will repeat these activities until you have money. At that time, you will spend cash to hire other monkeys. The number of missions will decrease and you are idle.

The problems you will face

This is an idle game, so many people say it doesn't have any challenges. You have solved some little issues. However, they aren't too difficult for you.

  • Your monkey employees sometimes are lazy. They can sleep during working hours, so you need to wake them up. Let's come close to them and stand next to them for some seconds! These monkey employees will wake up immediately.
  • When your market develops quickly, there are some troublemakers. They can enter your mart and throw your goods into the floor. You need to take them away.

The highlights of Monkey Mart

  • The game offers various hats for your monkey. Let's buy them with the cash you got. Your character can be more adorable with these beautiful hats.
  • Buying upgrades for your monkey or assistant is possible. After they are upgraded, their productivity will increase. From that, you can gain more profit from selling.

How to play

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move
  • Use the mouse to perform some other operations

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