Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing

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What is Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing


If you love speed racing games with many desirable levels, then Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing will be a great choice for you. Show your driving skills now!

In any car race, the track frames are always difficult challenges set to challenge you. No exception in the game Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing also has such dangerous turns and obstacles. Overcoming those challenges requires you to control your vehicle firmly, with a good grip. More than that, the cardboard obstacles make things simpler due to their flexible construction and empty position. That's why you need to pay attention to safety when racing on such challenging tracks. You still need to be careful not to collide with anything you see nearby while going quickly in order to win the race and move on to the next level. After finishing a level, you will receive some coins that you can use to unlock new and improved characters.

In this racing game, there are ten difficult stages waiting for you to explore. Each level has a unique journey that you must complete in order to pass. By beating other rat racers, real or virtual, by crossing the finish line first, you can unlock new bikes for you to ride.

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  • Vivid graphics with the main character being funny mice
  • Challenging track frames challenge you to overcome
  • Exciting bike upgrades
  • 2 player mode for you to choose

How to play

Player 1:

  • Use Arrows to drive
  • Use the N Key to accelerate
  • Use space to use items
  • Use the K key to restart

Player 2:

  • Use WASD to drive
  • Use the Shift key to switch to acceleration
  • Use the Z key to use items
  • Use the R key to restart

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