Zombie Mission 12

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What is Zombie Mission 12


Continue with the mission of saving and protecting people in Zombie Mission 12. With upgraded equipment, fight zombies to rescue the hostages now!

The setting for this adventure is the American West in a parallel reality. It's up to you to protect the abducted Native Americans from the zombies. Drones and helpful robot horses will be with you throughout the game. The game now features new vehicles, weapons, and gameplay elements like boomerangs and fire guns. Detonating crates or opening safes that are opened by various mechanisms will allow you to get new weaponry. Purchase any potions you see, it will enhance your health. Go to the portal after saving everyone. In order to upgrade the store with the money you earn in the game, don't forget to free hostages, defeat bosses, collect your daily rewards, and rescue hostages.

The game has many modes but if you are new I recommend you start in "Normal" mode. You can join the gameplay with 1 player or 2 players. For more difficult levels you can watch the reference video by clicking the "W" icon to refer to the next strategy. Wish you will have moments of relaxation and fun while participating in the game.


  • The cooperative game between 2 attractive people
  • Many dangerous zombies challenge you
  • Collect treasures and coins
  • Exciting upgrades for your character

How to play

Player 1

  • Use W, A, S, D to move
  • Press and hold the C key for the big shot
  • Press V to throw grenades
  • Press the X key to reload
  • Press Q, E to switch weapons
  • Press Q + E keys to use a special attack

Player 2

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press and hold the L key for the big shot
  • Press K to throw grenades
  • Press the J key to reload
  • Press O, P keys to switch weapons
  • Press Q + E keys to use a special attack

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