Muscle Shift

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What is Muscle Shift


Muscle Shift gives players an endless racing space. Take advantage of the skills provided, use them at the right time to be the first to reach the finish line.

Starting the game you will get acquainted with the skills that 3D players are provided with. The first is the red skill, this skill helps 3D people have the power to destroy walls on the run. Next is the yellow skill, this skill helps 3D people increase their speed and run at the fastest speed possible. Finally, there is the blue skill, this skill helps 3D people roll very quickly plus elasticity helps 3D people conquer longer distances. All of the above are benefits of all the skills that you can flexibly change to suit each running route.

Besides the benefits of the skills provided, you also need to pay attention to the limitations of these skills. When you compete with another 3D person, if you do not flexibly change your skills, you will fall behind and cannot reach the finish line first. For example, the red skill helps you break obstacles on the road, but letting it run will be very slow, so after breaking the obstacles, switch to the yellow or green skill.

Outstanding features

  • The game has beautiful 3D graphics
  • Unlock new hats for characters
  • The game challenges your agility
  • The game is suitable for everyone

How to play

Use your mouse to click on the skills you want to change for 3D people. Try to reach the destination, use your best skills to jump to the box with the most points.


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