Neon Pong

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What is Neon Pong


Neon Pong is a very interesting ball reflex game. The game with many game modes will bring you moments of extremely refreshing relaxation.

Game mode

The game suggests you participate in 2 modes. The first mode is to play against a PC. The second mode is to play with friends. Your task in the game is to control the neon green horizontal bar moving left and right to catch the ball. When the ball collides with the crossbar, it will bounce back according to the physical reaction. After each collision, the bounce speed of the ball will increase. So catch the ball accurately, and don't let the ball fly out. Each time you hit the ball, you will preserve the number of unmarked circles. All 7 dots are equivalent to 7 consecutive plays.

In PC mode you will have 3 choices of easy, medium, and hard levels. In game mode with friends, whoever gets 7 dots first will be the loser.

How to play

Play against PC: Use the A and D keys to move left and move right

2 players: Use the A and D keys for 1st person. Use the left and right arrow keys for 2nd person.


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