Pixel Warfare

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What is Pixel Warfare


Pixel Warfare is a shooting action game with beautiful 3D graphics inspired by Minecraft game. Use weapons to destroy all opponents on every game map.

Start the game choose your weapons, maps, and game modes to start the battle now. Your aim is to get to the top in a 30-minute battle period. Use all the weapons on offer to take down opponents from every angle. There is a piece of advice for you that you should not stand in one place to aim at the target because you can also fall into the sights of your opponent at any time. Try to take down as many opponents as possible to confirm your top shooting skills. If you want to know how many opponents you have killed and the match time take a look at the menu screen. How many opponents will you take down in this multiplayer shooting game?

Highlights in the game

  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Participating multiplayer game
  • Play the game in first person
  • Many maps and weapons to choose from
  • Extremely addictive gameplay

You can join your friends to experience this game by creating a private room. In this friend mode, you will be able to choose how to play based on the number of players, weapons, maps, and playing time. Hopefully, this will be a game that brings you and your friends a relaxing time.

How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • 1-6 to choose a combat weapon
  • R to reload the game
  • Tab to access the menu

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