Pizza Tower

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What is Pizza Tower


Pizza Tower is an attractive running game combined with hostage rescue. With maximum running speed, you will open many doors with many new challenges.

Characters in the game

The main character in this game is a pizza delivery man. Starting the game you will see the character in the game play with a scared face. Because he was tasked with delivering pizza into a creepy dark castle, with no passersby. Despite being very scared, this pizza delivery guy still decided to go deep inside the castle to deliver pizza. And the nightmare begins here!

The process of moving into the spooky castle

To enter this castle, the pizza delivery guy needs to pass all the gates in the game. Entering each gate he must try to find the way. The passages in the castle are designed in many different shapes. You will have to control the pizza delivery guy to run fast, jump even crawl to cross this road. The first gates will be easy for the pizza delivery guy to pass. But to the next gates, the pizza delivery guy will have to face a series of dangerous obstacles. Use the power he got to destroy all the obstacles. Surprises abound at the gates near the end. Are you ready to step into this pizza delivery challenge?

Rescue the hostage

To increase the drama in the game, the game maker added a hostage rescue mission for the pizza delivery guy. These hostages are mischievous characters held by the owner of this castle. Rescue them all to get more teammates to join this adventure.

How to play

  • To start the game use the Z key or the space bar.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move
  • Use the Z key to jump
  • Use the X key to run fast
  • Use the up arrow key + Z to jump high

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