Push The Colors

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What is Push The Colors


Push The Colors is a skillful block-pushing game. Let's explore the game now to see how many colored blocks you can push to the finish line. Pass all levels now!

Rules for matching color blocks

In the game, you will play the role of a 3D character pushing a colored block forward. In front, you will see colored lines. When you push the color block past those color lines, your color block will change color according to that color line. For example, when you push the orange block past the blue line, your orange block will change to blue. A series of colored blocks will appear on the road. You need to collect blocks of the same color as the color block you are controlling. When colored blocks of different colors collide with each other, the colored blocks you collected will disappear. When the color blocks you collected disappear, leaving only 1 original color block, you will have to play the game again without continuing to play. When you finally reach the finish line, you need to push the colored blocks with another character to successfully cross the finish line.

Obstacles to avoid

On the way to move the colored blocks, there are many obstacles that you need to avoid in time to preserve the colored blocks you collect. Observe the warning signs along the way, if you don't pay attention and move into the warning area, you will be hit by sharp saw teeth that will destroy all your colored blocks immediately. The closer you get to the destination, the more obstacles are arranged close together, so you need to observe to promptly react to move your colored blocks to safe positions. If you like participating in obstacle games you can participate in the game Geometry Dash Subzero.

Exciting upgrades in Push The Colors

Gold coins appear on the way, try to collect them all. This money will be very useful when you use it to unlock great upgrades for your character such as hats, glasses with many interesting shapes.

Many levels for you to explore

Push The Colors has many levels for you to experience and conquer. At the first level, you will find the game is not difficult, but as you progress to the following levels, reaching the finish line will be a real challenge for you. Join the game now to see if the advanced levels of the game are difficult for you!

How to control

1 player:

  • Use left/right arrow keys or A/D keys to move
  • Use the up arrow key or W key to push when reaching the finish line

2 players

Player 1:

  • Use A/D keys to move
  • Use W key to push when reaching the finish line

Player 2:

  • Use left/right arrow keys to move
  • Use the up arrow key to push when reaching the finish line

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