Red and Blue Castlewars

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What is Red and Blue Castlewars


Red and Blue Castlewars is a confrontation between two players to defend their castles. Start collecting coins and buy more bombs to start this exciting battle.

Strategy development

You need specific strategies for games with team play like Red and Blue Castlewars. With this game, you must first understand the combat mechanism and start building a strategy.

Starting the game, you will see the game is divided into two teams, the red team and the blue team, equivalent to 2 players, player 1 is the red team, and player 2 is the blue team. Each team will have 1 main and only member who both collects money and shoots bombs. Gold coins will be continuously produced from gold pigs, each team will have a gold pig to do this. Then use this money to buy bombs, which are placed in the center between the two teams. Having obtained a significant number of bombs, move the character to the bomb shooting position and begin destroying the enemy's castle. Try to aim accurately to avoid wasting bombs.

To win, you need to observe your opponent and create your own fighting strategy. Moving faster than your opponents is a strategy you must pay attention to. Moving fast will help you collect everything quickly and quickly attack your opponents. Continuously performing these actions will give you an advantage and soon win. A similar game that you can refer to is Janissary Tower.

Tips to play

If you want to get a lot of bombs to perform consecutive attacks, collect a lot of gold coins and you can collect your opponent's gold coins when they are not concentrating.

How to control

Player 1:

Use WAD key to move

Use S key to collect bombs and shoot bombs

Player 2:

Use left, right, up arrow keys to move

Use down arrow key to collect bombs and shoot bombs


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