Roller Baller

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What is Roller Baller


If you are someone who is not afraid of heights then the Roller Baller skill game is a challenge for you. Conquering every last point in each level is your aim.

To get used to the game at the first level you can easily control the ball. Because in this first level, there are no obstacles in your way. But in the next levels, you will see obstacles will be appearing. In addition, the road to move also becomes more difficult.

The architectures built at each level are designed according to different models. And the basic pattern used in the game is not seamless. That means being on the same level but you will have to go through many different architectures. These structures are all placed in a mystical space. If you jump out of these structures you will fly down into an unknown space. So don't let your ball drop.

Skills Required for Roller Baller

To play this game well, you need to practice some skills such as good control of movement speed, good balance, and knowing how to stop the ball at the right time. You should move flexibly. Because there will be parts where you need to move fast and there are places where you need to move slowly. If you want the ball to land successfully when performing a high jump, balance is extremely important. Finally, in order for the ball to stop in a safe position, stopping at the right time is necessary for the execution of technical balls.

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to move the ball
  • To jump use the space bar

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