Skibidi Toilet Survival

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What is Skibidi Toilet Survival


Skibidi Toilet Survival is a game that challenges your reflexes. Your task in the game is to cross the path full of pitfalls created by a bizarre man.

Your goal in this game is to make as much money as possible. To achieve this goal, you have to go through an extremely thrilling game screen. This game will have 22 participants including you. You and other players who want to survive must cross the road in front of them until they reach the finish line to win. In the process of running on the road, you will have to confront an extremely dangerous character. He was oddly designed in a toilet bowl. When he turns around you must stop immediately. If you do not stop in time, you will be shot by lasers immediately. During the move, you also need to pay attention to the time. If the time runs out and you still haven't reached the finish line, you will also be shot immediately. The rules of the game are also quite easy to understand, so are you ready to join this game?

Whether you are an experienced gamer or someone who is new to the world of online gaming, Skibidi Toilet Survival is sure to provide you with hours upon hours of thrilling entertainment. It is a game that demands the very best from its players and rewards them with a rich and rewarding experience that is sure to leave them coming back for more.

How to play

Click to run and navigate the character


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