Sky Bros

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What is Sky Bros


About Sky Bros

You and your friend can have fun in the Sky Bros game. This game offers many different mini-games for players. Select one of them and let's start the game!

This game is different from the normal games which only offer one kind of game. You can experience four types of games through this 2-player game. With pixel styles, this game will attack many players who love classic styles. If you can't select one of the modes, you can click on the random button. Have fun!

Four mini-games in Sky Bros

Although the mini-games have different features, the characters and graphics are the same together. Now, let's learn about the mini-game rules!

  • Build: You need to build a house as quickly as possible. The logs will drop from the sky. Let's collect them and bring them to your house.
  • Archery: Aim and shoot correctly your opponent before they can defeat you with the archery. Sometimes, there are obstacles. You just need to destroy them.
  • Spaceship: Keep your spaceship in the air without falling down.
  • Woodcutter: cut the trees on the playground to get wood. If you reach 20 wood logs, you will be the winner.

Four mini-games will offer different experiences to players. Now, let's invite your friends to join this fun game.


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