Slope 3

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What is Slope 3


Slope 3 is an endless 3D rolling ball control game. The game challenges you to overcome all ramps without hitting obstacles to get the highest score.

You'll think it's simple once you get to the first track, but no, it's harder than you think. To control the movement of the ball you need to move right and left flexibly. The speed of the ball is also quite fast, so practice quick reflexes to avoid obstacles with neon purple lines, in the infinity track these obstacles will not stand still but they move much crazier. Besides, the moving roads are not always wide and flat for you to move. There will be times when the travel path is narrow just enough to let you move straight ahead and the slanted paths make it very easy for the ball to fly out of the way. As you go further away the speed of the ball will be increased. Therefore, control the ball speed well in all cases to go the farthest without touching the line and flying out.

To increase the drama and attractiveness of the game your score will be updated after each turn. The score will be increased after each time you successfully jump or pass the slope. This is the competition of all the people around the world. Claim yourself to gamers from all over the world by ranking at the Top 1 of the leaderboard right now!


Vivid 3D graphics with two main colors are neon green and neon purple. Fast-paced, gradually increasing over time. An endless race track with no stops. Relax with lively sounds and addictive gameplay. The game will make you have to play again and again. Surely this will be a great relaxing game.

How to play

  • Use the A or left arrow key to move left
  • Use the D key or right arrow to move right

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