Space Prison Escape

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What is Space Prison Escape


Enter a challenging game space in Space Prison Escape game. In this game the interaction between 2 players is extremely important, overcome the dangers to win.

In-game plot

A question arises, do aliens exist? Yes, they exist. They have kidnapped two humans and are holding them captive on their spaceship! Find a friend and sit in front of the TV with them, because this is an adventure for both. You must work together to escape the grip of the alien enemies in this multiplayer game. Are you ready to escape from this space prison? Let's start the game now.

The aliens have designed the ship in a delicate architectural space, and their spaceship is full of challenges and dangers! Since teamwork is important in this game, you should come up with a strategy. Your goal is to work together to complete each level by solving puzzles and collecting green gems to open the exit door. Each character has a unique function. Boys can smash blocks and throw boxes, while girls can overcome tight spaces and jump higher. These little green friends have gone so far as to make your escape difficult! To unlock a locked door, you must first get the key. You should press the buttons to delete the columns. You can see how many gems you have collected, what level you are on, and how many keys you have at the bottom of the screen. Interact well with your friends to be able to escape from prison and return home!

The highlight of the game

  • With Space, the game's 2D architecture becomes attractive and creative.
  • Multiplayer game with tough, dangerous challenges and great space experience.
  • With 20 levels, with different transformations through each level.

How to play

Player 1 Controls

  • "A" and "D" to move
  • "W" to jump
  • F to use key

Player 2 Controls

  • "Left" and "right" arrows to move
  • "Up arrow" to jump
  • "L" to lift
  • "K" to attack

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