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What is SpiderDoll


SpiderDoll is an endlessly entertaining game with simple yet addictive gameplay. Experience the game with thrilling jumps and develop your spider web skills now!

Coming to the game, you will get the first impression of a dramatic story right from the first minute of starting the game. In the game, you will play the role of Spider-Man being chased by Doctor Octopus, a villain in this game. It is following Spider-Man closely, so you need to control Spider-Man to move flexibly to overcome skyscraper buildings with his silk-spinning ability. The process of releasing silk must be calculated in time so that the spider can swing and jump to prepare for the next steps. Based on the supernatural abilities that Spider-Man has, move as far as possible to collect many points and experience surprising moving frames. You can also join the Stickman Skyblock Parkour game to have great new experiences.

Objects blocking the way

During the move, you will encounter people blocking your way using weapons to attack you. When encountering these objects, move flexibly to avoid being hit. If you can counterattack, kick them to the ground. These opponents will not chase you, but they will be scattered throughout the path so you need to pay attention and be alert every time you move near them.

The game tests clicking skills and mouse control

In the game you will mainly use the ability to click and release the mouse to help Spider-Man move forward. Therefore, you also need to practice the ability to click and release the mouse at the right time. If you release the mouse too quickly, the spider will easily fall without having time to release the web. In other cases, if you click slowly, the released silk thread will not meet the length you desire, this will affect the spider-man's acceleration process and the possibility of falling is very high. High. Adjust your clicking level appropriately so you can take Spider-Man around the city without getting tired.

Outstanding features in the game

  • The night space makes the game more mysterious
  • Costume options for Spider-Man
  • Easy, addictive gameplay
  • Vivid, realistic sound
  • Brings a feeling of suspense to players

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