Stick Soccer 3D

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What is Stick Soccer 3D


Stick Soccer 3D is a very popular team football game. Take on all the roles on the playing field with a 5-man squad and win every match. Start the game now!

In the game, you will have to use the tactics and skills of dribbling like a real match. Besides, the game also has many attractive and diverse game modes for you to choose from.

  • In 1 Player mode, you will play against CPU, in this match try to control your team to score more goals than CPU to win.
  • In 2 Player mode join friends to have a thrilling match within 1 minute, the team that scores more than that team will win.
  • In Tournament mode you will be divided into groups, winning all the teams from other countries in the group to win the Championship Cup.
  • In Speed ​​Mode! you will enter the match with CPU but with amazingly fast speed, will not kick in turn by the team but both teams have the same right to kick whichever team wins the ball first. Therefore, this match requires top-notch kicking skills and good flexibility to score goals.

In addition to the top soccer modes, there are also interesting settings included in the game. In the game, you can choose high light or low light mode depending on your playing strategy. Besides, you will unlock a series of beautiful football fields with vibrant fans. Join the game now to practice your soccer skills and have a great time relaxing with friends.


  • Vivid, diverse graphics
  • Many game modes for you to choose
  • Unlock a series of attractive football fields
  • Challenge with world-famous teams
  • Top the leaderboards with excellent wins

How to play

  • Click and hold the Left mouse button on the football player of your choice, aim and release the mouse.
  • In 2-player mode use the same.

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