Stickman Street Fighting 3D

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What is Stickman Street Fighting 3D


Stickman Street Fighting 3D is an attractive action game in which you have to fight and compete with other stickmen. Kill your opponents and win!

Welcome to street battles where you have to fight stickmen! The battles no longer take place in the stands, in the hexagon, but instead on the streets.

In this stickman fighting game, you will transform into a stickman and go to a street where you will fight with your opponents. You can use or not use weapons as long as you can eliminate your opponents. There are many different types of weapons such as swords, guns, saws, hammers, etc. Break the boxes along the way to find weapons. That road will be full of evil stickmen. Let's fight and destroy them all. How far will you go on this road full of opponents? Try your best!

Features of Stickman Street Fighting 3D

  • Intense street battles
  • Various weapons such as guns, saws, and swords
  • Many opponents

How to play

  • Q to open the menu
  • X to kick
  • Z to punch
  • C to dodge
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Arrow keys to move

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