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What is TankWar.IO


TankWar.IO is a thrilling shooting game in which you have to control your tank to move around to collect power dots and shoot down other tanks.

Welcome to the tank battle! Get ready to leap into the fiercest fight on the planet. Your mission is to control your tank to move around the battlefield to collect colorful power dots to upgrade your tank. Don’t hesitate to shoot down any tank coming close to you. Always pay attention to the power bar. Your tank will be eliminated if it runs out of power collect power-ups like Power Boost, Medical Box, and Bullet Boost to improve your tank. The battlefield will shrink after a few minutes. Don’t come too close to the edges of the battlefield. Try to get as many coins as possible to upgrade the HP, Speed, and Attack of your tank.

Spin the lottery wheel for free to get a lot of surprising rewards. Come back and play TankWar.IO every day to receive offline gifts and daily rewards.

Features of TankWar.IO:

  • A variety of tanks to select
  • A lottery wheel with many surprising gifts
  • Offline coins and daily rewards
  • Excellent graphics and energetic music tunes

How to play

  • Use the mouse to control a tank

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