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What is Threes


Play the online Threes game

Threes can beat skillful players worldwide. Agility and control skills aren't necessary. It would help if you had an intelligent brain to add numbers together.

This puzzle game can be played on mobile devices or desktops. Therefore, you can enjoy this game when you stay at home or even go for a walk as long as your device is connected to the Internet. Of course, installing this isn't required. With simple graphics, almost all weak devices can access this game.

What number you can add together

In this game, you can only combine number 1 and number 2 together. Of course, number 2 also only adds to number 1. However, number 3 or higher must be plus with the same numbers. For instance, you must combine number 3 with number 3 or number 6 with number 6.

Success rules

  • You must keep the space in the grid because new numbers always appear after a successful combination.
  • It's better to put the small number and large number in one row. Don't let any twins or pairs of 1 and 2 exist for a long time in the grid. They will take up a lot of space. Don't wait anymore, come and enjoy!

Tutorial the Threes game

If you are a newbie, you can follow my instructions to conquer this game. You also can click on the tutorial button on the game to understand the step by steps for playing this game


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