Tomb Runner

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What is Tomb Runner


Tomb Runner is an exhilarating running game that offers numerous thrilling challenges. Start the adventure and show great skills to collect the most diamonds.

The game trains reflex skills

Coming to the game, you will control a fictional character, your task is to help him overcome all obstacles and collect diamonds on the way. Twisted roads have many dangerous obstacles such as large rocks blocking the road, deep abysses with no bottom, or damaged roads,... You need to use your reflexes to identify them. Timely these obstacles and dodge them. The further you run, the more dangerous obstacles you will encounter such as fire or dangerous rotating iron cylinders. Try to observe to improve your reflexes, then you will overcome obstacles more easily.

Collect power-ups on the run

During your journey, there will be valuable and useful items that can greatly assist you in conquering this game. You can encounter magnets, shields, or x2 running speed. When you use a magnet, you can attract all the diamonds on the road without touching them. Taking advantage of this item can help the number of diamonds increase significantly. Next is the protective shield, when you have this item you have the ability to be invisible and can safely overcome obstacles, but you still need to perform high jumps to continue to maintain your speed. living. When you finally collect the ability to run twice as fast, your character will run very fast, from there you will have an extremely exciting new experience. The game has extremely attractive items that give players memorable moments and cannot take their eyes off the screen. You can participate in some similar running games that are equally attractive like Run 3.

Change character

You can change the character you own through the number of diamonds you have accumulated. With over 300 diamonds, you can buy new outfits for your character including hats, hair, costumes, shoes, sandals, etc. To be able to wear special outfits, you need to actively accumulate them. lots of diamonds, try to see which character you will change into with 5000 diamonds!

How to play

Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move the character.


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