Treasure Hunter

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What is Treasure Hunter


Treasure Hunter is a more modern version of the gold miner game. Use modern detectors to dig for gold in a land full of mines. Will you survive to dig for gold?

The game is played by many players. When you multiply start all players will start moving. Each person will be equipped with a modern oscilloscope. The benefit of the machine is that it sends out a signal to get you to the gold vault quickly. When detecting yellow, the oscilloscope will show green wave lines. Follow those wave lines and you will come to the right location with gold. The places where gold has been dug will be marked with pits. The gold mining process looks very easy. But no, during the move you need to pay attention to the mines. When you touch them you will be blown away. Try to dig for gold until you are the last person standing in the game.

The game brings an extremely interesting entertainment space. Although not highly competitive, the game gives players an indescribable attraction. If you want to own a lot of gold, join this game now!

How to control the character

Hold the mouse and navigate the mouse to move the character


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