Wheely 8 Aliens

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What is Wheely 8 Aliens


Wheely 8 Aliens is an adventure game combined with interesting puzzles. Control the car to overcome the challenges on the way to the final destination.

Coming to episode 8 of the Wheely series of games, you will be acquainted with alien characters. They were dropped to the ground because the machines they were controlling were having problems. So these alien cars are in need of your help. Being a friendly car you have come up with great solutions. You will help alien cars by taking their equipment to repair. But the challenges on the way to the repair place are not easy.

The adventure has officially begun

You will have to control the car through dangerous roads. These roads have a strange way of working, it works like a modern machine. Your task is to activate all the systems to create the best path. If you misunderstand how the path works, you may have to start your journey all over again. The game is more attractive as the later levels you will have to observe and think more.

How to play

To control the car you just need to click on the car. Since the car does not stop automatically, you need to click one more time to stop the car. Besides, use the mouse to activate the switches that are on the way.


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