Winter Clash 3D

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What is Winter Clash 3D


Winter Clash 3D is an action game where you will join Santa's army to fight the scary elves that appear on Christmas eve. Destroy them all now!

At the beginning of the game, you will see the goblins gradually appearing on the front lines. Your mission is to pick up the gun and teach those goblins a lesson. Aim at the goblins' heads to take them down thoroughly. After you complete each battle round you will get extra points to fuel Santa. You can use these points to power up your sniper rifle or shotgun. Don't forget to find and use other hidden weapons on the map and constantly upgrade your character to show more talents on the battlefield.

Complete the task of killing all the goblins in this war to be in the top 10 of the best people of the day. You can also set goals and continue to complete unachieved achievements in the next wars.

In the game, you will discover great features. First, in terms of graphics, you will experience realistic, vivid 3D graphics inspired by the annual Christmas season. Second, you will discover a great arsenal of weapons to destroy the goblins. And finally, there are attractive upgrades for you to have more power and earn more scores.

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How to play

  • To move, use the arrow keys or WASD
  • Click the mouse to shoot
  • Space key to jump
  • C key to bow
  • L key to exit lock mode

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