Zombie Mission 3

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What is Zombie Mission 3


Zombie Mission 3 is out, and there are lots of new challenges and weapons in this war against zombies. Explore the game now with friends. With this mission, you and your companions must work together to rescue hostages and data disks containing important information for humanity from the zombies that have infected different areas. Remember that clever traps are arranged by zombies; there are dangerous gears with the constant movement of zombies. The game traps or kills zombies.

Try out the new ice weapon in the third game in the series to prevent enemies from exploding on flames! Because that's the only way to get them to stop. You can also try out eight different weapons against a variety of opponents. At levels 8 and 16, you will also encounter giant Zombie Bosses! Solve all the puzzles and fight to redeem humanity!

Game Features

  • Sharp graphics, modern game architecture system
  • 16 different game levels
  • The game runs on all web browsers available on PC, phone.

Game publisher: The game was released by Vaisaga Project in September 2019. The game has won a lot of positive comments from players. Therefore, the next episodes of the game will continue to be released with the latest upgrades. Join your friends to join the Zombie Mission 3 game right now and wait for the next episodes of the game!

How to play

Player 1 Controls

  • "WASD" to control the character
  • "F" to hit/shot
  • "Q" to switch weapons

Player 2 Controls

  • "Arrow keys" to control the character
  • "L" to hit/shot
  • "U" to switch weapons

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