Zombie Mission 4

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What is Zombie Mission 4


Zombie mission 4 is out with more dangerous hostage rescues. Are you ready for this mission? Beat the last beam in the game to win.

In the fourth installment of the series, you'll face increasingly difficult zombies, traps, and puzzles to overcome. You can defeat the zombies by employing nine different weapons and enlisting the assistance of a gaming buddy. As you proceed, save the captives, but don't forget to gather the data disks. Don't forget to be careful with the traps, they can knock you out of the game at any time.

At the end of the 9th and 18th levels of the Zombie Mission 4 game, there will be epic Boss confrontations. You can also win the game if you can defeat the final boss. Thanks to improved game mechanics, interface, and sound effects, the series is now more enjoyable than ever.

Game Features
Sharp graphics, vividly portrayed characters, and game structure
Rich sound effects
18 exciting game levels for you to unlock

Game publisher
Vaisaga Project launched the game in September 2019. Explore Zombie Mission 4 with many interesting challenges, don't forget to discover the next episodes in the Zombie Mission game.

How to play

Player 1 controls

  • "WASD" to control the character
  • "F" to hit/shot
  • "Q" to switch weapons

Player 2 Controls

  • "Arrow keys" to control the character
  • "L" to hit/shot
  • "U" to switch weapons

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