Biker Battle 3D

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What is Biker Battle 3D


Biker Battle 3D is not an ordinary driving skill race. More than that, it is also a fiery race by attacking opponents with weapons to become the last survivor.

The difference in Biker Battle 3D racing game

Like other racing games, you just need to outrun your opponent to become the first to finish. But in the game Biker Battle 3D, you will be participating in a car race with many fiery fights on the track. To start the game you will be able to choose your favorite vehicles, costumes, and weapons. When the race begins, focus on a few maneuvers such as tilting left and right, taking weapons to attack, practicing kicking opponents, and how to use attacks. Why prepare such skills? Because opponents will appear behind you now! Be calm to perform attacks toward the opponent. You can speed up or use the available gun or stick to attack your opponent. But don't let them attack you in a rush because that way you will lose your life. The race is very long, eliminate all opponents and become the most aggressive racer in this game.

Items you can buy

On the track, collect all the gold coins and tools like money collecting aids like magnets. When you have enough money you can buy more powerful weapons. Besides, you can also buy new masks and some other supplies. Discover the racetrack and valuables right now.

How to play

To control you need to use the keys as follows:
Use A/D or Left/Right arrow keys to control
Use the F key to shoot opponents
Use T, Y keys to attack
Use G, H keys to kick
Use the SHIFT key to accelerate
Use the X key for slow motion


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