Chicken Egg Challenge

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What is Chicken Egg Challenge


Chicken Egg Challenge is a fun entertaining game with your friends. Click for the chicken to form the most eggs in the allotted time and you will win.

This is a fun clicker game to play online for free. Each chicken is assigned a letter on the keyboard when the timer starts. To fill an egg, push it really fast, just like in a clicker game, and the hen will fill the basket with eggs. The hen with the most eggs is the winner. It's a game for two players or up to three players in multiplayer. In single player mode, you can also play alone. The most fun part is competing with friends to see who can lay the most eggs with a quick click of the keyboard keys. Have fun!


  • Fun clicking game
  • Many players join
  • Vivid game space
  • Explore the game on all browsers on both desktop and mobile

How to play

1 Player:

Use J to click

2 Player:

Use W and Up Arrow to click

3 Player:

Use W, J, and Up Arrow to click


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