Cube City Racing

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What is Cube City Racing


Cube City Racing is a game that challenges you to overcome obstacles and opponents on the track. This is definitely a game that you should not miss.

Choose a racing car

Before entering the race, choose for yourself the models that you love the most. There are more than 10 car models for you to choose from. Each racing car will have different designs and colors. Will the cars you choose do wonders in this race? Open the game with beautiful racing scenes now!

Obstacles on the track

On the track, you will have to steer to find the big roads in the city. Don't let your car get stuck in fences or hit roadside walls. All of these will reduce your speed and time on the track. To be able to steer smoothly, you should notice the yellow arrows appearing on the track. Your ultimate goal is to overcome obstacles and opponents to become the first to finish and win.

In-game mode

If you love competitive races then you should join the game in 2 player mode. If you want to practice your driving skills and reflexes on the track, the single player mode is the mode for you.

How to play

  • Player 1: Use W,A,S,D and Left Shift keys to control
  • Player 2: Use Arrow Keys and Right Shift to control

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