Dirt Bike Racing Duel

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What is Dirt Bike Racing Duel


Dirt Bike Racing Duel is an attractive racing game with many different difficult terrains. Join your friends or show off your ultimate racing skills alone.

Entering the game, you will own a large displacement motorcycle with a powerful cylinder engine and maximum power so you can cross seven continents in different countries and locations. Each terrain will have different challenges for you, hold the steering wheel and overcome the most difficult terrain to reach the finish line without collision. Don't let the loud noises from the explosives distract you, drive the moto to the final destination and win all 3 stars. You can join the game in 2 modes for 1P or 2P. Experience each level and unlock the next fascinating levels included in this game. Don't forget to visit the store to find yourself the latest, most stylish upgrades for your motorcycle. Challenge your friends to see whose racing skills are top-notch right now!


Explore diverse graphics with lots of great ideas. Many levels for you to explore. Experience the ultimate obstacle course. Many upgrades for you to choose from.

How to play


  • "W" key for Gas to move forward
  • "S" key to Brake
  • "A, D" keys for balance and somersault


  • "UP ARROW" key for Gas to move forward
  • "DOWN ARROW" key for Brake
  • "LEFT-RIGHT ARROW KEYS" key for balance and somersault

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