Drive Dead 3D

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What is Drive Dead 3D


If you are a racing lover, it is impossible to ignore the game Drive Dead 3D. Join the game with friends to enjoy the ultimate racing on all terrains.

Entering the game, you will see the racing stage is staged in a grand manner. Choose a green car or a red car to start the game. The two cars will confront each other. One of the two attacking vehicles that overwhelm the other will win. To win the absolute victory, you have to go through 5 dramatic levels. 5 levels are equivalent to 5 stars. Try to get the first 5 stars to become the most skilled stunt racer.

Top playgrounds

The game is not only attractive by the attractive gameplay but the game is also impressed by the top-notch playground changes. You will be exploring from one playground to another with different difficulty levels. The challenge for you to overcome these playgrounds is not small. Because even a small mistake will make you lose. So calculate your move carefully.

Game mode

If you like to train your ability to compete then you should join the 1P mode. Here you will play with CP. CP's moves are also worth learning more about. If you want to challenge your friends, then join the 2P mode. In this mode you will be competing on extremely beautiful stages.

Tips for playing

On some levels, you just need to move faster than your opponent, the chances of winning will be higher.

How to play

1 player

  • Use arrow keys to control

2 players

  • Player 1: Use WASD keys to control
  • Player 2: Use arrow keys to control

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