Drunken Boxing

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What is Drunken Boxing


Drunken Boxing is a fun physics boxing game were gladiators in an arena will have to knock each other out to win. Drunken struggles with the new game continue. The Drunken Boxers come into the ring in Drunken Boxing and threaten to knock. You can do quick games, but look out for your Energy Bar! It will take a while for you to heal if you run out of steam. In this case, you're sure to be insecure. Don't forget to quantify your energy and define your combat technique!

Boxing drunken game has the modes 1P and 2P. You can play both on PCs and on handheld devices. The game wins the first to achieve a total of 5!

How to play

  • Use "ARROW KEYS" to control
  • Use "W,A,S,D" to control

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