Exhibit of Sorrows

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What is Exhibit of Sorrows


Unlike other horror games, Exhibit of Sorrows will give you a great experience within 10 minutes. Ready to face a series of challenges in the game right now.

The outstanding feature of this game is the incremental gameplay. You will feel the levels of the game from easy to difficult by experiencing each room one by one. Besides, you need to find the keys that are hidden by clowns. To get the keys you need to activate the objects around the clown or the clown's own structures such as legs, hands, eyes, and nose, .. this will be the suggestion for you. Remember that if you do not pass all levels you will not proceed to the next level. Therefore, observe carefully to be able to experience all the levels.

Besides the attractive gameplay through the gameplay screen, it also gives you extremely unexpected details. If you play the game in the dark, I believe that the creepy sounds in the game will make you scream in fear. Especially the giggles sound chilling. This seems to hide some terrible secret behind those clowns.

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How to play

  • Use the mouse left to play.

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