Highway Racer

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What is Highway Racer


Highway Racer is a car racing game with many options to help practice your driving skills. Adjust your speed to avoid colliding with other cars and get a high score.

Joining the game you will experience relaxing moments while driving on the highway. Your task is to hold the steering wheel firmly, smoothly control the driving speed to go as far as possible, and not collide with other cars on the way. The farther you go, the higher your score will be and the higher your reward will be. The game doesn't just stop at regular driving, but the game also brings you many new options that make your driving experience more unique and attractive than ever. Let's see what the options are in the game!

First, you will be able to choose which road frame you will join, there are a total of 5 road frames for you to choose from. These road frames include one-way, two-way, time attack, speed bomb, and multiplayer. Coming to the road frames you choose, there will be different regulations. Usually, the road frame for you to practice in is the easiest way. If you want to increase the difficulty a bit, you should choose a two-way frame. Also, if you want to drive at a faster speed and be a little more adventurous, you should choose the time attack or speed bomb frame. Finally, if you want to compete with other players around the world to see where your car driving skills stand, then join the multiplayer mode. Introducing to you the equally attractive driving game Traffic Jam 3D, hoping you will have more choices when participating in 2 player games.

Besides the track frame options, you can choose the driving space. Here the game gives 3 suggestions about driving space: driving during the day, driving at night and driving in the rain. Each space will have its own challenges and new experiences. The experiences are worthwhile and will give you personalized lessons so you can improve your driving skills. Participate in all the playing spaces to show everyone that no matter the weather, it will not affect your excellent driving skills.

How to control a car

  • To speed up, use the up arrow key or the W key
  • To slow down, use the down arrow key or the S key
  • To turn left, use the left arrow key or the A key
  • To turn right, use the right arrow key or the D key

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