Hug And Kis City

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What is Hug And Kis City


Hug And Kis City is an attractive adventure game in which you have to control two characters to reach the exit while avoiding obstacles and danger.

Control your character to reach the destination to complete the level! There are various levels for you to explore and experience! At each level. you have an opportunity to discover unique maps and challenges. You can face monsters or sharp thorns. Jump to overcome them and protect yourself!

In particular, this game provides two characters: blue and pink. You can guide them at the same time or invite your friend to play this entertaining game together! In addition, remember to collect gold coins and keys on your way to unlock the exit. You finish the level when two characters move to the finish place safely.

This game is available on our website for any player to play free. Open your smart devices and access Hug and Kis City to relax!

Features of Hug and Kis City

  • Various levels with unique maps
  • 2 Players
  • Collect coins

How to play

  • Blue character: arrow keys to move
  • Pink character: WASD to move

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