Mine Clone

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What is Mine Clone


Mine Clone brings you a wonderful game space where you will create a new civilization in your way. Are you ready for this exciting experience?

In Mine Clone you will explore a beautiful world with pixel graphics and amazing survival and construction skills. First, we will learn about crafting and construction. The game promotes your creativity and construction through the types of materials and construction tools provided in the game. Therefore, you can create your architectural works according to your thinking. Is your creative thinking ability enough to amaze other players? Let's prove it with massive structures in the game right now.

The process of discovery and survival is indispensable for those passionate about discovering new things. The game world is filled with beautiful landscapes and many attractions with caves and hidden treasures. Besides the things that make you good, there are also dangerous creatures that need to be destroyed. Prepare a strong spirit to fight all the creatures and enemies that appear. Your survival depends entirely on your fighting ability.

How to play

To control the pixel character in the game you need to use the following keys:

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use the spacebar to jump
  • Left click to attack
  • Scroll the mouse to change weapons
  • Use the E key to open the inventory
  • Use right mouse button to place an item
  • Use the F key to open the action menu
  • Use the Esc key to open the menu
  • Use key 1234 to use accessories

With a vast world, endless possibilities and engaging gameplay mechanics, the game offers a truly engaging and unforgettable experience. In addition to the sandbox games on page 2 player games, there are also many games with outstanding adventure gameplay like Duck Life. Now grab your pickaxe, collect resources and start an unforgettable journey in the world of Mine Clone!


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