Monopoly Go

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What is Monopoly Go


Monopoly Go is a combination of classic and modern board games where you have to become a rich player. You can challenge this game with other friends.

Board games are always loved by many players of many ages. To facilitate the enjoyment of these games, online games have been created. One of the board games that you must enjoy is Monopoly Go. With classic gameplay, this game will take you to the past. You need to show your investment ability and strategy through this game. If you want to test your skills, you can also try UNO Online. This is a card game that requires your intelligence.

How to win in Monopoly Go

This game has simpler gameplay than the classic version. However, it will still be quite difficult for beginners. So, I'm here to share with you the gameplay and rules of this game.

Roll the dice

You will see a sheet of paper containing squares on the screen. Each square will contain a different value. This game belongs to 2 player games. So, you and other friends can play this game together. Each person will write their username and choose an icon for themselves. Your symbol will move according to the number of dots that appear after you roll the dice.

Consider buying estate

You will have a certain amount of money. Your task is to use it to invest in real estate in the cells. When you stop at an available property, you can spend money to buy them. However, each property will have a different price. You need to think carefully and invest properly. When competitors stop at your property, they will have to pay you. So, the more real estate you have, the more money your competitors will have to pay you. Of course, you also need to keep an eye on your budget because it's unlikely you can buy all the real estate with your small amount of money.

Game control: use the mouse to play this game.


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