Noob Ninja Guardian

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What is Noob Ninja Guardian


Noob Ninja Guardian is a clicking action game. You have the responsibility for preventing zombies attack to your territory and getting the highest score.

Zombies are creatures that are harmful to human life. It is even more dangerous when they want to invade human lands. As a defender, you must stop the attack of zombies and protect human life.

In this game, waves of zombies are constantly coming which requires you to react quickly to every unexpected situation. Your task is to click on the area with zombies that you want to destroy to unleash the ninja's moves and destroy them. Try to kill as many zombies as possible and get the highest score. If you let any zombies enter your territory, you lose.

This game has simple and classic graphics and entertaining sound. Let's start and enjoy this game.

Features of Noob Ninja Guardian

  • Fun and classic action game
  • Endless waves of zombies
  • Unlock new skins of character
  • Receive gold coins

How to play

  • Mouse Click.

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