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Pocket League 3D

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What is Pocket League 3D


Pocket League 3D in 1 or 2 player game, control your car in a soccer sports game. You can include AI bots in the game if you like. In the tournaments, the bots will support you. Through hopping your cars, you will make stronger hits. Your car would flip in the air and strike even more as you hop double. Select the flag of your country, score the most goals to win. 

How to play

If playing single:

  • Use to "ARROW KEYS" Move
  • Use to"SPACE" Jump
  • Use to "Double SPACE" Flip

If playing two-player:

Player 1

  • Use to "ARROW KEYS" Move
  • Use to "L" Jump
  • Use to "Double L" Flip

Player 2

  • Use to "W,A,S,D" Move
  • Use to "G" Jump
  • Use to "Double G" Flip

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