Poor Bunny

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What is Poor Bunny


Poor Bunny is a game that tests your skills, reflexes, and strategic thinking. Help the bunny in the game overcome the dangers in the forest!

The storyline of Poor Bunny

The game's story revolves around a cute and innocent bunny who finds himself in a dangerous situation in the thick forest. The evil Fox King has captured all of Bunny's friends and hidden them throughout the dangerous forest. As the player, your mission is to help the poor bunny overcome dangerous obstacles, defeat enemies, and rescue his friends.

Captivating gameplay

The game provides a sense of excitement and allure. It cleverly combines platforming, puzzle-solving, and action elements to create a dynamic and thrilling adventure. You will be captivated by a series of increasingly challenging levels as you progress in the game. Each level presents new obstacles, enemies, and puzzles that will test your agility, timing, and problem-solving skills. Don't let the bunny run away out of fear!

Upgrades within the game

During your journey through the forest, you will encounter various power-ups and upgrades that enhance the abilities of Poor Bunny. Collect carrots to unlock special abilities, such as increased speed or invincibility, and strategically use them to overcome challenges.

How to play Poor Bunny

Player 1:

  • Use WASD keys to move left, right, or jump up and down.

Player 2:

  • Use the arrow keys to move left, right, or jump up and down.
  • Hope you have a great experience joining Poor Bunny!

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